How I Quit Smoking Marijuana- The Ultimate Guide

Are You Ready To Kick Your Habit Once And For All?

  • Marijuana can start as a hobby but develop into a crippling addiction.
  • Without the right support system it can be incredibly difficult to quit.
  • It may seem like an impossible task, but by having the right system and support, it can be easier than you think to stop smoking marijuana.

Congratulations On Taking The First and Most Important Step to Learning How To Successfully Stop Smoking Weed.

Marijuana may be one of the most widely available drugs in the whole world, and despite this a large percentage of users are able to have the occasional smoke without ever becoming addicted to smoking marijuana.

It is widely accepted that marijuana is used by many people to cure serious medical conditions, but the majority of people who smoke weed regularly are in normal health and do it for recreational reasons and to enjoy the feeling of being “high”.

Does Marijuana Dependence Exist?

Its a popular opinion that marijuana is not addictive and I’m sure you believed it to until you start to develop a addiction and perhaps you have begun to think differently.

There has been extensive research into this area, especially with the legalisation of weed in many U.S states:

A research study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) proved that 9% of recreational marijuana users develop a dependence. This may sound like a small amount, but over 28 million Americans smoke regularly which translates to almost 3 million people just in the U.S who struggle with marijuana addiction. If you started as a teenager then this number rises to 17%

It isn’t uncommon for weed enthusiasts to discredit government run studies or label them as scare tactics, but just in the U.S there are over 2000 people who search online for terms such as “how to top smoking marijuana” so you are not alone.

There are dedicated forums all over the internet where people are coming together to solve this one problem, and many of them are still failing.

But It Is Still An Addiction That Can Be Cured

I still believe that there is nothing wrong with smoking weed occasionally, however when this starts to escalate in daily use it begins to be a problem.

Smoking Weed Started Off As The Fun Thing To Do, But Soon Began To Feel All the Negatives:

  • Cost 
  • I wasted thousands of dollars in the space of a fews years which undoubtedly set me back in life. Money that could have been invested in property, travelling and other fulfilling life experiences, and I have nothing to show for it. Don't let this happen to you.

  • Health
  • Weed indirectly had a negative effect on my health. Constant smoking induced the well known “munchies” which meant I was eating way too many calories including late night McDonalds and Dominoes binges which eventually caught up with me. In high school i was a promising runner, and I ended up being out of breath climbing a flight of stairs.

  • Ruined Relationships
  • Not only does weed dependence have a negative effect on your spouse who often ends up having to contribute to the cost of you buying weed, but they are essentially dating two different people. The high and sober version of you which can be mentally draining and exhausting. You become more detached from family who begin to see you less and less and this alone can be the beginning of your life spiralling out of control without you even realising.

    • Poor Academic Performance
    • Constant, chronic weed use zaps your life force, clouds your brain, and destroys your ambition and drive to succeed in life. You end up just coasting through life not really caring while others fly through life grabbing opportunities with both hands.

    • Hinder Professional Development
    • This is a knock on effect from poor academic performance, as your moral is lower than ever and you never quite end up reaching your full potential as you no longer have the focus or determination. I could count on both hands the number of times i’ve passed up opportunities to impress at work or go the extra mile when all I was thinking about was going home to smoke.

    • Social Isolation
    • What often begins as a very social activity, often ends in leaving you social isolated from your peers. Id guess that 99% of weed smokers first tried it around other people. How often have you heard of a first time smoker someone calling up a weed dealer then going home and smoking it by themselves? pretty unlikely right?

      Slowly over time I found myself become more and more detached, not from other smokers, but from those who actually cared like my family.

Like Many People, This Wasn't My First Attempt To Quit Weed...

I unsuccessfully attempted to quit over a dozen times before finally discovering what was missing. The shortest time I managed to quit for was a few hours and the longest was 2 days and I just couldn’t figure out the most effective way to quit. Having the determination isn’t enough when you first start, you need a system and support to have the best chance of succeeding.

What Didn't Work For Me?

  • Cold Turkey
  • This is probably the first thing you tried too, with no results. Only a small percentage of people are successful with this method because willpower is simply not enough due to the numerous physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that you experience.

  • Willpower
  • Willpower is often not enough because the addictive chemical in marijuana, THC stays present in the system many weeks after your last smoke so even if you're clean, technically you're not. This is what triggers intense cravings which causes relapses.

    Willpower does play a huge part in your overall strategy for quoting weed no matter what method you choose, but its how you harness this will power which determines the results you will experience.

  • Natural Detox
  • A natural detox essentially is an attempt to rid your body of all the addictive ingredients in weed from your body giving you a fresh start to move forward from. This is done either using off the shelf products or home made formulas including ingredients such as cranberry juice and large amounts of water.

    However this method doesn't tackle the psychological reasons for addiction so even if you complete the initial flush detox its very common to be sucked back into smoking marijuana.

Other Options

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Marijuana Anonymous

Marijuana Anonymous is a great resource for information about marijuana dependence and their approach has been rewarding for a small percentage of people. Their program functions in a similar way to alcoholics anonymous whereby they imply a 12 step program.

The program also incorporates an online forum and online meetings. Whilst this process is immersive it has received a lot of criticism over the years for only having a success rate of 5-10%. yes thats right, 5-10%. So its clear their approach is outdated and hasn't been altered to match the growing strength of strains of weed.


I bet the thought of checking into rehab sounds a bit extreme for a weed addiction, and you're right apart from a few extreme cases. Enrolling in rehab requires a huge time commitment and financial outlay. Putting your life on hold isn't the end of the world if you have a life threatening addiction such as alcohol or heroin.

Marijuana is definitely not life threatening in most cases, and marijuana addiction still lets most people get through daily life reasonably to the level that other drugs simply don't allow.

John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Addiction Counselling

Counselling from a psychiatrist or psychologist is a very good way to discuss your problem and get your thoughts out into the open and uncover underlying issues that may be the main cause of your dependance.

However similar to rehab, counselling require a large financial cost and time investment, and different practitioners have different opinions on marijuana dependance so you'll have to spend even more time researching to ensure you choose the right one.

Has Smoking Weed Gone From A Hobby To An Addiction?

After trying the methods listed above and failing, I truly realised that smoking marijuana had gone from being a fun lifestyle hobby to something that I couldn’t control and you just want to learn how to stop smoking weed.

Trust me, I know what this feels like because I wasted years of my life smoking weed despite trying and failing numerous times only to fall back into marijuana addiction.

I Felt Failure and Guilt Each and Every Time. But I’m Here To Show You That You’re Closer Than You Think and It’s Not Impossible.

What Worked For Me?

An Online Self Guided Program With Built In Support Network

This was the final option I turned to after failing multiple times:

The Quit Marijuana Action Plan
Step by Step Blueprint

  1. 8 Step Action Plan: Detailed Step By Step Blueprint Plan Which Walk You Through Each Day Of the Program.
  2. Powerful Forum: You will never be alone as you access to a dedicated forum full of people just like you who are trying to quit smoking weed.
  3.  30 Days Of Email Coaching: Free personal email coaching comes with every membership with their trained experts so you get the best start to your journey.


The product has been so successful for users, that the creators have backed it with a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee if you find that it hasn't helped you quit marijuana.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

The Pros List

  • Can Be Completed In The Comfort Of Your Own Home
  • Complete At Your Own Pace
  • Affordable - Less Than The Cost Of A Bag Off Weed
  • Don't Need To Expose Yourself At Rehab Meetings.
  • Over 10,000 People Have Successfully Completed The Course.

The Cons List

  • Limited Availability - Supply Of the Product is Limited.
  • Like Any Method Of Quitting Weed, This Will Take Effort And Willpower. But It Is A Proven System, You Just Need To Trust The Process.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed